What is a Session?

20 minutes of the downloaded module's active execution time (excluding the passive time/breaks as mentioned below) constitutes a Session.
It is a standard practice to have a therapy or learning session for about 20 minutes.
Time spent on browsing 'Help' etc, during pauses and breaks are not counted. So, the actual session may easily last for 50 - 60 minutes
It is advisable to pause once in a way to take rest and if required to sip water or one can even take a longer break too.
See below for details.

Stop the Sessions Clock from Ticking

Session time does NOT include the time spent in following:
  • While Browsing Help menu
  • While Setting the Threshold
  • While using menus under “Settings’ (Setting Back Ground Noise Level, Setting Clipping Level, Testing the Recording Setup etc.)
Moreover, session time is conserved when you take breaks.

Short break
During practice, you can take short breaks, for catching your breath or to sip water. The user can click on ‘Pause’ command button to stop the sessions clock from ticking. The user clicks on ‘Resume’ after a short break to continue with the practice. If not, the program automatically resumes after 2 minutes. Up to 5 such breaks or a total time of 10 minutes for short breaks is allowed during a session.

Long break
When the user needs a longer break, he/she can return to the ‘Main Page’ of the Program. The sessions clock stops ticking. This is considered as ‘Idling Time’. Up to a total of 20 minutes of idling time is allowed during a session.